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Albertson's Project, Tulsa, OklahomaOne of the most critical components to professional blasting results is the quality of the drilling.  Dykon's drills and drilling workforce are among some of the best in the industry.  Professional drillers operating reliable modern drilling equipment assure contractors of precise, dependable and on schedule production.  

Dykon maintains of a fleet of 25 drills for standard production and specialty drilling.  These drills are high production machines capable of meeting the requirements of the toughest projects. 

Dykon's drill fleet includes 5 Reedrill SCH 5000 self contained cab drills for heavy production excavating and quarries, 11 John Henry excavator mounted rock drills for use in pipeline blasting, 5 Reedrill 3500 hydraulic drills for standard utility drilling & blasting, 2 Ingersoll Rand ECM-590 self contained hydraulic drills for pioneering work, 2 self contained air track drills for light utility and specialty work, plus 2 standard air track drills and a pipeline jumbo drill which is designed to hang from a crane or large excavator.  

Whatever the onsite requirements, Dykon can provide the drills to get the job done safely, accurately, professionally and ahead of schedule.  

A total of 4 Reedrill SCH 5000 self contained hydraulic track drills were used on the Branson Intermediate School project.  Approximately 250,000 cubic yards of rock was drilled and shot in one month. 

Click on the picture at the right to see a video of the shots on this project.


Elevan John Henry Rock Drills mounted on Caterpillar 320 excavators work well in pipeline construction and pioneering work.  These drills are very capable and dependable in tough places where the job has to get done quickly, and efficiently. 

A John Henry and the ECM-590 are hard at work on a pioneering project for a development in the rugged hills of Branson, Missouri.  New roads are being cut into remote areas for the construction of lake front home.
Modified pipeline Jumbo Drill which can be hung from either a crane or excavator.  It can also be attached to a material lift for horizontal drilling in plants and on highwalls.

It is used to drill tiebacks, anchors and blast holes in places where conventional drilling equipment cannot operate. 




See our web photo album for other pictures of our drills in action. 


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